Old Carey 117 def by glen iris 157 and 4/51

It’s always hard to write a match report after a loss, normally as captain I try to take the positives out of the match. Unfortunately for the 3rd match in a row now the negatives out way the positives. One thing that appears to be getting better is our bowling. From round one to now or bowling has approved rapidly. But our fielding and batting remain well below par. To roll a side for under 160 on our deck is a great effort, BUT realistically we should have had them out for 110. If we did that, we would have won. Notable mentions with the ball to Peggie on debut with a 3 wicket haul. 4 wickets to Tad and 2 too muzz. With not many highlights with the batting, mentions again to muzz with 40 and Peggie 20 and sluggy 15no. By far the most disappointing loss I’ve had in my 8 years at Carey. It’s going to take hard work on the track to turn our season around but I think with the group we have we are more than capable to prove all our sceptics wrong.

Linden Gerhard

1st XI Captain