Round 2 Match Report

Played at Corben Reserve Against Richmond City

One Day Game: 26/10/2013

Debut Players: Jacob PEGGIE

Batted First:               Old Carey                   5/214 (40)

Batted Second:          Richmond City           10/49 (28.5)








Mark Sontag


0/0 off 1

2 catches early in the innings


Jordan Ciuro


Fantastic batting in the most difficult conditions of the day


Matt Curry


2/3 off 5

Solid contribution


Nic Everett


First 11 runs all singles farming the strike to Peggie. Great knock Evo.


Jonny Mai


1/2 off 2

Come in with 7 overs to go and smashed it on a difficult wicket.


Amjad Ali


1/2 off 4

Tight bowling, unlucky not to get one more wicket on an LBW appeal.


Nick Brock


0/17 off 3

Sharp catch at backward point keeping the standard high in the field.


Trent Poupard


Poor bugger broke his finger in the first game, then today got bitten by something umpiring and his eye was swollen and couldn’t see!!!


Jacob Peggie


3/6 off 5

One word. Devastating!!


Arsalan Malik


1/12 off 4

Another week without a bat but solid C & B.


Liam Halverson


2/5 off 5

Stepped up to the 2’s beautifully. Put the ball on the right spot and rewarded with 2 wickets. Great catch too.


Corben Oval down by the Yarra has never been known as a batsman’s wicket. Round 3 was no exception with the wicket still being rolled with 15 minutes to go until play got underway. It was soft but held together a solid grass covering.

Sonny and Slug opened with Sonny departing for no score getting an edge of the 2nd ball to 1st slip. Slug was joined by Trent who copped a nasty ball that popped up at him and his fend off went straight to short mid-wicket (2/5).

Cuzzy come in and made an impression with 4, 6 & 1 before getting a similar rising ball to Trent and fended it to a close in fielder (3/32 off 11). Sonny was becoming a bit concerned and thought that anything over 100 might be pretty competitive on this deck. Peggie trotted out, on debut for OCCC, and it was easy to see he could play this game. Slug went out on 24 but not before he and Peggie had moved things along to 4/68 off 22.

Everett joined Peggie at the crease and turned the strike over consistently to Peggie making a picket fence in the score book at 11 singles. Peggie was batting sensationally, punishing the bad balls and playing sensible cricket. They took the score along to 137 before Everett played a lifted drive and was caught. Another wicket to the pitch. But we were well above what Sonny had anticipated would be competitive total with 7 overs to go.

Out rolls Jonny Mai. He wasn’t had a chance to show us what he can do as yet but made up for it today. He was elevated in the batting this week after doing the team thing last week and justified it by smashing it to all parts of the ground (46no). Peggie comfortably made it to a much deserved 107no. Congratulations!!

OCCC 5/214 off 40.

The batting performance made the outcome of this match almost certain but to the credit of each player in this team, we were ruthless in the bowling and fielding effort.

The tone was set early with Peggie steaming in and SONNY taking two sharp catches off him, one at short mid-wicket and the other at 1st slip while fielding at 2nd slip (sorry Brocky).

Slug, Liam, Brocky, Ali and Malik also took catches. Taking those and only one chance going down which was a difficult running with the flight of a skied edge type effort, makes such a difference to the end result

Bowling was significantly easier that batting today. All of the bowling performances were excellent and the figures are evidence of that.

Both Malik and Liam took their first wickets in the 2nd XI and they are congratulated for that.

The boys come to play once again, and reaped the rewards of a great team performance in the field and boosted the moral of those who didn’t contribute so much with the bat.

Notable Performances



107no & 3/6 off 5 overs

Jonny MAI

46no and 1/2 off 2 overs


2/5 off 5 overs


2/3 off 5 overs

Jordan CIURO