Saturday 23rd November, 2013

2nd XI Round 6 Match Report vs North Balwyn

Played at Old Carey

Bad toss to lose for the 2’s in hindsight.

Our bowling and fielding left a bit to be desired in Round 6.  It was an effort full of “what if’s” and “could have’s” but the reality was that we were not switched on at all right from the start.  There was no spark and no interest in the changerooms or the warm-up and that carried out onto the ground.

North Balwyn were 0-85 or so after 20 so whilst they were only going at 4 an over, they had plenty of wickets in the shed and made the most of it in the last 10 overs.

Brocky bowled exceptionally well after drinks to snare a few and Gaznich (Jeffy Garlett) also bowled tight to bring us back into the game a little and the change of keeper worked some magic as the Piggy showed that old piglets still have a few tricks by being involved in 5 dismissals.

Our last 7 overs were deplorable really.  The rain didn’t help as bowling with a cake of soap was difficult for bowlers and fielders alike but in the end we got what we deserved and that was chasing 209 to win.

Gaz and China opened up cautiously against some tight bowling but we lost Gaz early on. Priyan came in at 3 and showed that he does have some class with the bat and put on 46 or so, Cuz made a quickfire 29 and Poup-shoot got amongst the  runs at number 5 with a well-constructed 40-not out.

At 20 overs, we were similarly placed to North Balwyn with 3-84 but the early loss of wickets came back to hurt us. Once it  became obvious that we needed to go for it, with 80 needed off the last 10, we capitulated with the bat and gave our wickets away.  Run-outs to our bigger hitters didn’t help and even though it pissed down rain over the past 4 overs, we stayed out there to hand a win to North Balwyn in spite of the umpire calling for covers with three balls left.  It’s probably a good idea not to tell that particular umpire what to do because he will probably do the exact opposite out of spite!!!

Phil Pitts

Acting Captain