It’s a big call but we are happy to have anyone challenge us. But we believe that at Old Carey we have the best cricket facilities in Australia.Each and every week our grounds are like carpet and the wickets are white tracks of gold. All of which we owe thanks to the school and our outstanding curator Jim Keppell.

In addition to our fantastic playing grounds we have the luxury of every training facility we could ever need. From the 10 Turf and 10 Synthetic training wickets to the All-purpose oval and Gym & Pool, there is nothing that the club could ever ask for.

Turf Training Wickets

It is this that makes us proud to be a part of the Old Carey Cricket Club. It is these facilities that we call “Mother” that is the heart of our passion and loyalty for the club, that all who play for the club should be honored by and fiercely loyal about.

All-Purpose Oval

MCG like Grounds